Pinched Nerve In Shoulder Blade

If you or someone you love has been feeling an unexplained pain in the shoulder, or a strange tingling or numbing sensation in the arm, or a weakness in the shoulder and arm, the culprit might be a pinched nerve in shoulder blade. It is often not easy to identify this condition because oftentimes, there is no pain felt at the position of the pinched nerve at all – the discomfort and pain are often felt elsewhere. Nevertheless, once you have attested that this is the actual cause of your pain and weakness, you will have to abolish the pinched nerve as quickly as possible in order to relief the pain.

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Pinched nerve in shoulder blade

Some symptoms of Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade

The symptoms of a pinched nerve in the shoulder blade are often clear. These symptoms might be temporary or they may be there to stay. Interestingly, you will feel the most sensations coming from the C5 nerve that is located in your neck – not in the shoulder blade. Here are some typical symptoms of this problem:

  • Shooting pain: this problem will make you experience pain from muscle spasms caused from the nerve compression. A shooting pain starts from the shoulder to the arm. If your nerve compression lasts for a long period, the chronic pain might not go away due to permanent nerve damage and you should visit a doctor to evaluate your condition.
  • Weakness: you may feel a general weakness in the muscles of your shoulder and feel difficult when lift things. In fact, it is hard for you to lift your hands above your head. This weakness may be only in your hand or in your whole arm. In case that your weakness become serve, it is time for you to get to the specialized doctor.
  • Tingling and Numbnessa feeling that your shoulder or your arm “falling asleep” or a “pins and needles” sensation are a clear thing proving that you are suffering some typical symptoms of  pinched nerve in your shoulder blade. You might feel these symptoms temporary or constant depending on how damaged your pinched nerve is. Sometimes, this feeling will subside rapidly, especially with movements. Yet, you should seek a medical treatment to treat your condition.

Diagnosis of Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade

Once you visit the doctor with a complaint of a pinched nerve in your shoulder blade, you might experience some basic tests looking for weakness, pain in certain areas or loss of muscle tone of your shoulder or your arm. The doctor will require you undergo x-rays, an MRI, or a CT scan to determine the problem in order to find a solution for your condition. Also, you might experience a nerve conduction study or electromyography.

Treatments for Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade

There are some common types of remedies for this problem that are used by sufferers and doctors. Keep reading to find out the most suitable one for you:

  • Rest: a complete rest of the area could help a pincher nerve heal. You should not move your arm and your hand if you can avoid, or you can sleep on a flat surface with your back to alleviate the pressure causing your problem with a pinched nerve.
  • Hot and Cold Compresses: you can use an alternating treatment of hot and cold. This means you apply a cold pack to the pinpointed area for about 15 minutes, and then apply the application of a heating pad also for15 minutes. Alternate these methods until you feel some relief from the pain.
  • Medications:  there are some often medications that can help a pinched nerve such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or Tylenol. Some methods used specifically for nerve pain like Lyrica or Neurotin. Some relaxants may be prescribed in some cases.
  • Injection and Surgery: injections of cortisone will be one of the options for treating nerve pain. However, if this method does not work for you, surgery might be an alternative option. This is considered as the last resort when nothing else seems to alleviate the pain.
  • Other options: you are also able to use physical therapy to stretch and lengthen certain muscles that could alleviate and relieve the pressure on the pinched nerve. Or, maintaining a healthy diet can be an easy and great solution for your problem.

I have just shared some common understanding about pinched nerve in shoulder blade. In next articles, I will focus on the special aspects of this disease. Do not miss out!

 Hope that this information is useful for you!